Tackling the world’s biggest problems

Our goals and ambitions.

Our Mission

To partner with like minded individuals and organisations to advocate for the transformation of the entire world through rights education

What We Do

Our Vision

Our Values

Our Competencies

  • Ending conflict and promoting peace from modular and community up to the global level
  • Economic disparity: helping individuals, families, communities, and countries rise up from economic disadvantage.
  • Equity/Equality: creating solutions that tackle all forms of inequity and helping disadvantaged groups break the cycle of inequality.
  • Development and good governance: providing government and civil society with intuitive solutions to aid development and improve governance practices and interaction with civil society
  • Trainings: One of the keys to prevention is awareness creation, sensitization, and training. capacity building is a mantra for us, we ensure and believe in building capacities from the grassroots up to national and globally for maximum productivity.
  • Our planet: Finding and scaling up environmental policies and practices that help our planet thrive.
  • Health and safety: Science-based approaches to solving health problems and ensuring human safety.

A society with sustainable peace and development through respect for family, men, women, youth and children's rights

  • Peace and security
  • Human dignity
  • Diversity
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Community Relations and engagement
  • Providing access to information, tools and support communities
  • Conflict resolution through stakeholder management and education
  • Monitoring, evaluation and recording of development indices

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