Philomena Henry, Founder/President

Philomena has spent over 2 decades in the non profit sector working to help women, youth and children access affordable life-saving healthcare, good education and access to tools which can lift families and entire communities out of poverty. She is a UN certified peace-building and counter-terrorism expert and teaches her expansive knowledge of social policies at several prestigious military institutions.

When she is not working at the foundation, she spends time on random adventures with with her family.


Fred Zamani, VP Private Sector Collaborations

Fred began his career as a pastor and youth mentor, gradually building a rapport with inner city youth and establishing trust with several community influencers. This led to him gaining recognition of the governor and an advisor appointment for youth-centered policies of the state. 

Eventually, Fred joined Zamani Foundation after volunteering for many years as VP, Private Sector Collaborations where he harnesses his incredible network for ZF projects.

Fred enjoys taking long road trips and spending time with his family.


Gimbiya Akintunde, VP Government Relations

Gimbiya has worked in the airline and finance sectors as a government liaison lead over the course of her career and has wealth of experience in building and sustaining relationships with government agencies, regulatory bodies and others. This in-depth knowledge of public policy and the inner workings of the government has led to national, state and local project buy-in and massive collaborations with the government to provide critical social services to communities.

Gimbiya is a public speaker. She is a mentor who teaches leadership and collaboration. 

She spends her free time working on diy projects and providing support to other mothers of young children.

Amina Zamani, VP Projects

Amina began to volunteer from her early teens and knew early on that she would like to work in the non profit sector helping to get critical services to those in need. She has led a team of analysts and program managers to carry out needs assessments, develop robust projects, monitor project outcomes and effectiveness; and implement multi-phase projects spanning several years. 

Her previous work in law enforcement has also helped her to develop strong leadership and problem solving skills.

She teaches equity, diversity and inclusion and counter-terrorism at a military institution in Jaji and takes long walks to decompress.


Akingbade Akintunde, VP Technology

Akingbade joined Zamani Foundation after many years in the tech industry. He brings with him a vast knowledge of enterprise software, incredible problem-solving skills and in-depth disruption and growth hacking experience which has been invaluable in amplifying the impact and reach of Zamani Foundation’s projects. He is instrumental in helping to build and manage the organization’s database as well.

He spends his free time on exciting new tech and going to the park with his wife and sons.



How We Work

To drive our mandate, the Zamani Foundation develops and implements specially localized programs, we also work with strategic partners to develop and implement programs that promotes peace, economic development, social awareness and inclusion, health care and advocacy.

The Foundation is manned by a competent team comprising of the members of the Board of trustees, Advisors, Volunteers and Management personnel heading different sections of its programs and Departments. Zamani Foundation has Consultative Status with the United Nations.

Zamani foundation currently has 532 permanent staff spread across its’ offices in  Abuja, Accra, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, New York, and Zamfara.

The foundation also has over 5400 volunteer staff who also serve as ad hoc paid staff for funded projects but volunteer for general foundation projects.

— Our Mission

To act as advocates for the transformation of the local society we operate in, Africa and indeed the world into a morally, just, upright, peaceful, and egalitarian society that respects the rights of Families, Women, Children and Youth.

— Our Vision

To advocate for families, Women, Youth, and Children’s right through value re-orientation as a means of achieving sustainable peace in the society and to serve as a channel through which essential aid can reach the less privileged wherever they may be.

— Our Story

Zamani Foundation started over thirty years ago and ran informally until 2007 when it was officially registered.